Specialized labor

Our teams of specialist workers (welders and carpenters), vehicles and cutting-edge equipment make us able to intervene anywhere with a personalised requirement-based service. Abilities and skills, together with a functional internal organisation, allow us to cater to the client’s need in medium and large-size industrial contexts. Each work phase is rigorously planned and controlled by the production manager and by the co-ordinator of the welding activities. All the procedures are prepared according to the applicable legislation.

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Employing highly specialized workers and professional equipment.

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Personalised solutions

The company is organised to manage each job order, from the simplest to the most complex, where highly qualified operators are required, satisfying the technical specifications requested by the client.

Turnkey service

Our company sets itself apart for reliability and transparency, necessary qualities to manage turnkey services. We can provide all-round management of the work commissioned, relying on the technical and organisational abilities of our staff. We can plan the work activities as required, in total independence, without compromising the performance of your company or your daily commitments.

Qualified personnel

The work is carried out with extreme expertise, thanks to the use of qualified personnel who undergo continuous certified training provided by the key notified bodies for the specific areas of expertise.

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